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Beyond Borders Mentoring Program Update

In May this year TFA launched the Beyond Borders Skype Mentoring Program which is a 6 month pilot project where recent speech therapy graduates from Vietnam were matched with experienced international mentors and TFA-trained interpreters. There are currently 21 groups of mentoring triplets (mentee-mentor-interpreter) working together via online communication platforms to pursue specific professional development goals of the mentee. Most mentoring partnerships are now well into their sessions and are beginning to achieve great outcomes. TFA are delighted to hear about the success of the program and will continue to work with participants to support any challenges that arise during implementation. A few of the participants share their reflections of the program so far…

A mentee “I am happy joining the TFA’s mentoring program. After 3 working sessions with the mentor and the interpreter, I have gained interesting and helpful experiences. The sessions are easy-going, open and we obtain the goals as planned. This program supports me with clinical decisions, suggests new ideas for my work. I can improve my confidence and motivation.”  

A mentor “I joined the mentoring program as a mutual learning experience. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my ideas and expertise with other clinicians, particularly in a country such as Vietnam where speech pathology is an emerging profession. Similarly, I have been inspired by the skills of my mentee and am enjoying learning about the Vietnamese culture.”  

An interpreter “I really love working for this program and hope to assist you (TFA) more in the future!”  

A mentee “I have received clinical mentoring from two mentors and they are both wonderful and enthusiastic and I am learning many new things. In addition, the two interpreters are doing a very good job which makes the communication clear and correct. In summary, we are very satisfied and we regard this program to be very effective and practical. Many thanks to the coordinators and to Trinh Foundation Australia! Thank you so much!”

A combined mentoring group “It’s amazing how quickly you can forge relationships with other health professionals through such a short period of time and when you have never met them in person! Our mentoring sessions are not only supervision but also a time to share our lives and stories and to celebrate one another”

An interpreter “The TFA mentoring program is exciting and provides a new understanding of speech therapy. Working with the mentor and the mentee is just amazing experience for me. Thank you all!”

A mentor “It has been a fantastic experience so far. We are so lucky that video conferencing makes it feel like we are all together working on our mentoring goals. My 3-year-old niece has even volunteered to help when I want to model a new idea through video. We created goals in the first session but as we get to know each other they are changing and growing to ensure they are more personally and professionally meaningful.”

A mentee “I am happy and satisfied with what I am able to discuss with my mentor”

 A Mentor “It has been an exciting experience building a good relationship within our mentoring triplet and hearing about the positive difference it makes in the mentees work. I am enjoying the opportunity to problem solve together, share my knowledge on AAC and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and support my mentee in achieving her goals. Thank you to all involved in this experience!”

Program mentor “It has been my privilege and delight to mentor over the past few months. My mentee is enthusiastic and practical in making sure that she provides quality speech therapy services to her clients. We are supported by our very capable interpreter, who makes this mentoring partnership possible. I look forward to continuing in the TFA mentoring program”






Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

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