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Congratulations to TFA Scholarship Winners

TFA would like to congratulate Mr Hung Phi Tran and Dr Tam Thanh Thi Phan on being awarded a $200AUD CPD scholarship to attend a 3-day paediatric feeding workshop at the Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy. Both awardees are recent graduates of the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine Paediatric Speech Therapy Course held in 2016-17 in HCMC.
The awardees have reflected on what the award of the scholarship means to them…

Statement from Mr.Hung
Hello Trinh Foundation Australia!
I am Hung Phi Tran, graduate of Paediatric Speech Therapy Training Course 2016-2017 and Speech Therapist at Department of Rehabilitation – City Children Hospital. I work with 3 children with swallowing difficulties per day in average, this encourages me to develop deeper knowledge and understanding to support these children efficiently. Therefore, I was happy excited to know about ‘3-Day Paediatric Feeding Workshop’ with Ms.Sarah Day, which would be held by Trinh Foundation Australia (TFA) and Danang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy. It is the great experience to support me with useful knowledge for my current work.
After the workshop, I will apply what I have learnt into more appropriate and effective assessment and treatment for patients; at the same time, this new knowledge will be very useful in discussing, consulting and training parents, which I believe that will bring the better services to my patients. Additionally, the scientific knowledge from the Workshop will help me discuss more clearly with medical doctor and nurses regarding the paediatric Feeding issues. Moreover, I can participate in educating for my family and other medical staff at my workplace.
Once again, I sincerely thank Trinh Foundation Australia, Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy, Ms.Sarah Day, Doctor Thuy and Interpreter An Tran, along with colleagues, for hosting the ‘3 Day Paediatric Feeding Workshop’ in Da Nang, which provided me and colleagues the helpful expertise knowledge.
Statement from Ms.Tam
I am working for one project which is about disabled children in provinces of Southeast Vietnam. As the speech therapist working in community, I find it interesting but challenging at the same time. I am facilitated to directly visit each child’s house to understand that child’s living environment, I work closely with physiotherapists, rehabilitation doctors, special need educators, psychologists, parents, caregivers, medical staff, kindergarten teachers to improve the life standard of these children. However, with the limited medical facility and cultural context, it is difficult for everyone to understand the role of speech therapists with the children who are in need of support, especially in the field of infant feeding, when the resources related to feeding children with special need in Vietnamese language are limited. After one year graduating from Paediatric Speech Therapy Degree, I am still confused when working with children with complex feeding difficulties, and my workplace has few resources regarding assessment and intervention for these children. I was very glad to know that TFA would host CPD event in Da Nang with the topic related to Paediatric Feeding, one of my favourite field. However Da Nang is quite far from my workplace, I needed to arrange my work, consider transporting and accommodation fee for three days attending the course, my workplace had no fund to support me. Fortunately, I was awarded with $200AUD scholarship by TFA, which helped me with the fee for the trip to Da Nang. After a long trip, I met my old classmates, other health professionals who have the same interest in Paediatric Feeding and especially met Ms.Sarah – coordinator of TFA- I am always grateful for her contribution to my Paediatric Speech Therapy Degree. We discussed care and intervention services for children with feeding difficulties all cross Viet Nam, our opportunities and challenges, I hope that we can connect to establish a strong network of the professionals all around the country to develop the services delivery to children with feeding issues. Saying goodbye to Da Nang, I came back to my work which supports children with disability in the community with more specific goal.




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