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First impressions from Danang

Laura shares her first impressions from Danang at the start of a 3 month speech pathology assignment across Vietnam:

They say wherever you go, go with all your heart. But just in case you forget your heart, Vietnam has more than enough to share. Consider yourself no tourist here, rather, consider yourself part of the pulse of this vibrant, heady, bustling place.

I’m merely two weeks in to a three-month assignment  in which I will traverse Vietnam; certainly the depth and almost the breadth of this contrastive country. And along the way I’ll be working directly with the pioneers of our profession here.

In just two weeks in Da Nang, I have visited medical and rehabilitation hospitals providing clinical mentoring and delivering workshops in adult dysphagia and communication disorders to the therapists. I’ve learned of the similarities but more so the contrasts in healthcare between the Vietnamese and Australian contexts, and, I’ve learned three Vietnamese phrases which must be a record, because mastering the tonality alone is no mean feat!

Volunteering in Da Nang has provided me direct experience in applying my clinical practice and clinical education to a cross-cultural setting; skills with which I look forward to bringing home (not to mention the extra kilos of tailor-made clothes and bespoke shoe souvenirs I’ll be bringing home also!).

So far, it seems that an assignment with the Trinh Foundation Australia in Vietnam allows you the rare opportunity to receive far more than you give.




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

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