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    You can volunteer for Trinh Foundation in a number of ways – and you don’t have to leave the country, if you don’t want to. We are always looking for volunteers, to travel to Vietnam ...


    TFA works in partnership with a number of educational and clinical institutions throughout Vietnam to deliver on our mission of bringing speech therapy to Vietnam ...

Hold a Fundraiser

Do you have a fantastic idea for raising funds for Trinh?

Could you rustle something up to create a great event and support us?

Could you have some fun doing this, and get friends into it as well?

We have heaps of ideas for raising funds – gathering friends and colleagues together to have a competition, hosting a function, sponsoring a goal to be achieved or creating an event.

And we need people to initiate and run all of these events. We need you and your idea to raise funds for Trinh to keep our work going. We think it’s fun to get together and brainstorm ideas for a special weekend concert, a cupcake competition, or a stair-climbing campaign.

Could you join us to really put your ideas into practice and raise funds for Trinh?

Join the club and become a Linchpin for Trinh supporter.

While you’re thinking here are 10 quick ideas.
We have 90 more of these. What are yours?

  1. A bike ride with 10 friends. Share the idea in your community and get sponsored to ride. Then get out into the countryside and ride 100 km for Trinh (or 5 or 10  if that is more your style).
  2. Learn a skill and get sponsored to show off when you learn it in less time than you thought. Or take bets that you can’t learn to juggle 3 balls in 5 weeks. And then when you are outrageously successful, the funds raised go to Trinh.
  3. Teach something for Trinh. What’s something you know, that you could teach others? Could you create a class for Trinh? Offer your time, and donate the participants’ course fee.
  4. Host a cake tasting party. Get 10 friends to each make a special cake. Sell slices at a special event and invite people to taste the different cakes, while voting for their favourite.
  5. Hold a competition event with friends. Get into the spirit and have fun, but keep a competitive edge. A Trivia night, or a spelling bee? A board game tournament or a golf day?
  6. Be a barista for a week, and make great coffee for your colleagues and visitors at work. Have you got an espresso machine that could double its duty for a while?
  7. Host a civvies or pyjama day at work. Lose some dignity for a great cause. Perhaps a special costume or colour day.
  8. Host a pizza and movie night. Would your local pizza shop donate or subsidise the pizzas? Could you get 10 friends to pay for a “ticket” to come and enjoy a movie at your place?
  9. A Shopping Tour or Op Shop Crawl, finished off with a great meal out. Create an event by inviting a bunch of friends to join you on a tour of specially selected shops – your favourites, if you’re into shopping. Organise it all ahead of time, to sell tickets and make it a memorable day. Tour the most fabulous charity shops (“Op Shops”), buy retro gear and support them at the same time. Top it all off with a meal out somewhere.
  10. A garden sale. Pots, cuttings and flowers. If you and your friends are into gardening, you know that many plants grow incredibly easily from cuttings. Start some cuttings off in small pots and plan a garden sale event. Thin out the bulbs, break up the corms, raise some seedlings and raise much-needed funds from the sale for Trinh.

Find out more about Linchpin for Trinh and how we can work together have fun and raise funds.




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

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