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    You can volunteer for Trinh Foundation in a number of ways – and you don’t have to leave the country, if you don’t want to. We are always looking for volunteers, to travel to Vietnam ...


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Oncology Hospital Benefits from Volunteers Dream

Lauril Sachet reports on her volunteering experiences in Vietnam…

“It’s hard to believe that a month ago I was madly dashing around Albuquerque, New Mexico preparing to leave for Vietnam. Packing up the apartment, selling the car, getting vaccinations, and transferring my case load of primarily head and neck cancer patients. My husband and I have always dreamed of travelling and working abroad. When we learned about Trinh Foundation of Australia’s program in Vietnam, we leapt at the opportunity. The TFA coordinators worked diligently to find a setting that matched my skillset. I had the great fortune to be placed with two of their graduates Dr Cuong and Dr Thao at the Oncology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. They are truly pioneers in the field of Speech Therapy in Vietnam and I am honoured be a part of their work.

So far, I have learned about the cricohyoidoepiglottopexy or “CHEP” partial laryngectomy surgery and the resulting voice complications as we work to develop a therapy protocol for these patients. We’ve had lots of fun with the Nutrition department testing out different foods for the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). We’re compiling resources for pre-laryngectomy counselling, and we look forward to focusing future efforts on bringing awareness to radiation associated dysphagia.

My husband is becoming proficient in the art of scooter driving (mastery requires transporting a dog, a tree, and/or a family). We are now equipped with the proper, and very fashionable, rain/sun/pollution protective gear. The phonetics geek in me is loving taking Vietnamese classes. We are definitely indulging in the fresh fruits and delicious foods. Prior to coming to Vietnam, I participated in TFA’s Skype Mentoring Program, and one of the biggest highlights has been meeting my triplet – mentee Ms Hang, and interpreter Ms Sa! Everyone here is exceptionally helpful and friendly, and we are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity.”




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

Graduate Stories

How Vietnam’s first 33 graduate speech therapists are helping the people who need them.

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