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Reflections of Attendees of the Paediatric Feeding Workshop

“Hello, I am Tran Phi Hung and I work at City Children’s Hospital. On average per day, I work with three children with feeding and swallowing difficulties and children with behavioural feeding disorder. This encouraged me to enhance my knowledge in this particular field to efficiently support these children and their families.

The workshop provided very useful knowledge for my professional development such as the typical development of paediatric swallowing and feeding, swallowing disorders and especially assessment and intervention for infants, and children with behavioural feeding disorder and food aversion.

Currently, I am applying all the knowledge I have learnt into treatment for children with swallowing disorders, intervention for children with behavioural feeding disorders and providing instructions for parents.

Additionally, I have shared the knowledge I gained from the workshop with the colleagues of my department via specialized meetings and lessons for them.”

Ms Doan Lan Oanh says…

“I don’t work with children with swallowing disorder, but I see 3 children with feeding difficulties, including feeding behaviour. That’s the reason why I attended this workshop.

The knowledge I gained from workshop is really useful for me. It’s clear and easy to apply. I have shared it with parents, so can they apply this for their kids. They have told me that they now understand their kids more and it has helped them to reduce behaviours.

Thank you again for this opportunity. I’m waiting for next workshop.”


Ms Bui Nhu Huyen says…

“I am currently working in the Center of Special Education, which provides services for disabled children having drinking and eating difficulties (not eating various food, not chewing, not eating solid food, eating normally but not gaining weight…). This is the reason that I attended the Paediatric Feeding workshop hosted by Ms Sarah.

During the workshop, I found all the knowledge and information well organized and presented precisely and scientifically by Ms. Sarah. Therefore, even though I do not have medical background, I was still able to understand and absorb most of the knowledge from the workshop. Her enthusiasm for the development of Speech Therapy in Vietnam touched me and has motivated me to try harder to improve and develop my profession. I felt very lucky I was able attend the workshop.

Thanks to the knowledge gained from the workshop, I renewed and broaden my understanding from what I learned during the ‘Paediatric Feeding’ class of Paediatric Speech Therapy Course. I will utilise this knowledge to provide more services for the children that I am working with in my workplace as well as organising discussions about this knowledge to the caregivers in my workplace and community; consulting and supporting parents when identifying children having eating difficulties, realising and identifying children having eating difficulties and referring to other suitable professions for efficient and immediate intervention; advertising and creating awareness of parents about the importance of creating joy at mealtimes and the potential consequences when parents don’t feed properly.

In addition, I have a good connection with other therapists in Vietnam and my region so that we can share, discuss and search for long term support when encountering difficulties in the specific cases. We can also outline the ways to publicise and support the community more efficiently, list the address and roles of other professions to refer when necessary.

Sincerely thanks to Ms Sarah and all the supporters for providing me and my colleagues the chance to attend this workshop. I am grateful for everything Ms Sarah have done and wish her all the best.”




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