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A big year for Mr Quyen

TFA are proud of the very hard work of Mr Quyen (graduate 2010-12) from Children’s Hospital number 1.

The courses he has run (see below) attest to his hard work to spread knowledge about Speech Therapy to regional areas of Vietnam.
Mr Quyen is now one of the leading lecturers in the new paediatric course now underway UPNT.

  1. Two day workshop at Children’s Hospital no 1
    Earlier in 2016 Mr Quyen, led a 2 day workshop at Children’s Hospital No 1 on speech and language development in children and identifying  communication difficulties in this population.
    The course had 48 attendees including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and special education teachers.
  2. Workshop in Ninh Thuan Province on Autism
    He provided a comprehensive workshop for teachers, psychologists, special educators and parents on the management of communication problems associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
    The course was very well attended and local professionals acquired knowledge about how to assist children with ASD to effectively communicate with family and peers.
  3.  Training course in Speech Therapy Tay Ninh Province
    In October Mr Quyen ran a training program in aspects of paediatric speech therapy in Tay Ninh province.
    The course enable teachers, doctors and other health professionals learn about the potential of speech therapy to assist children in their care with communication and swallowing disorders.
  4. Teaching Communication across the Lifespan at UPNT.
    Mr Quyen was invited to teach the first term subject Communication Across the Lifespan (0-6 years) to the students on the paediatric course at UPNT.
    He was assisted by the very competent, long term TFA volunteer and current HCMC resident Ms Simone Maffescioni who taught about 7 years –Adolescent age group.




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

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