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Train the Trainer at Work

In 2010, Ms Na received a TFA scholarship to attend the inaugural SALT training program in HCMC. Ten years later Ms Na is a great example of the train the trainer model at work as she provides clinical supervision to students from the Da Nang Bachelor program with the assistance of TFA mentor Nisrine El Choueifati via Zoom. 
MCNV and TFA are very grateful for the valuable guidance provided by the current technical consultant to the Da Nang Bachelor Program, TFA director Dr Marie Atherton. Marie was also the Program Co-ordinator for the first training program at the University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach (UPNT) in HCMC Vietnam between 2010-2012, and therefore one of Ms Na’s first teachers.

Ms Truong Thi Thuy Hang (Na) reports on her experience as a supervisor and also as a student of UPNT:

“I had a great time in Da Nang City in the Clinical Supervisor role. I have been taking part in training with Trinh Foundation since 2010, and with many years of practical work experience with clients, as well as working with many experts, I have gathered a lot of knowledge and skills. I used to be a speech therapy student, so I understood what the students needed from me during this first clinical placement I can always put myself in the place of the students. I know that I have not provided all the knowledge needed by these students, but I hope that I have guided them step by step and in the right direction on the path they chose. I would like to thank Trinh Foundation again, especially Mrs Sue Woodward who changed my future and brought me to Speech Therapy. I hope to make a small contribution to development of Speech Therapy services in Vietnam.”

TFA mentor Nisrine El Choueifati also reports:
“In the year that didn’t go to plan…it was a privilege to be involved in providing on-line support as a mentor to two Vietnamese supervisors in November – December 2020, while they supervised six undergraduate students on their very first placement. I was met with two very committed and eager supervisors who had both discussed their very positive experiences being students of the speech pathology program in Vietnam and reflected on their personal experiences to understand and support their students. Our weekly sessions focused on enhancing student learning and facilitating beginner clinical skills using the VCAT (a clinical assessment tool developed by TFA for use in the Vietnam SALT training programs). Despite really looking forward to travelling to Vietnam, the on-line sessions still provided ‘a whole new world’; in the challenges experienced across the world, I would be greeted with very calm interpreters and supervisors saying they were experiencing typhoons as though it was an average day! We were able to work with very competent interpreters who were able to interpret stories and allow reflective conversations, however there was terminology such as the word ‘reflection’ which was still hard to directly translate.
The time was short, and I realised how many things I may not have seen that would have assisted me to understand the role of speech pathologists in Vietnam; however, my supervisors were so committed, and they would share wonderful examples of scaffolds, strategies and expectations they had gained from their international supervisors working with Trinh Foundation. My time and experience as a volunteer were a very small drop in the ocean, but the supervisors I worked with were a testament to the work of the program and its commitment to building capacity. I would like to thank all those who organised the experience and Dr Marie Atherton who supported me and the other mentors. If we experienced the warmth, gratitude and commitment on-line, I can only imagine what it must be to be there in person.”

Clinical Education Group in Da Nang




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