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2016-17 Paediatric Speech Therapy Course Graduation

For the 32 graduates of the 2016-17 Paediatric Speech Therapy post-graduate course, the 14 September was a day they will not forget quickly!
On that day Ho Chi Minh City almost came to a standstill. With a severe storm hitting the city during the early hours of the morning, traffic and chaos hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. But none were deterred from celebrating the success of the graduating speech therapy class. With 150 guests in attendance in the auditorium of University of Medicine Pham Ngoc Thach (UPNT), the graduating class celebrated with their family, friends, classmates, colleagues and former speech therapy graduates, teachers of the class and university rectors (board). After 10 months of learning and clinical practice, the day of celebration had finally arrived, and nothing but smiles could be seen on the faces of each of the graduates.

Ms Sarah Day, Australian Volunteer for International Development (AVID) and Clinical Coordinator for the 2016-17 class, paid tribute to the efforts and incredible dedication of each graduate. She spoke of the pride she had when she thought about each one of the graduates and the efforts they have made and the commitment they continue to show to advocate for speech therapy in Vietnam and of course for the children and the families they work with to improve their capacity and participation within their communities.

Many achievement commendations were given during the graduation ceremony. However, two special awards were made, and deserve mention:
Dr Ho Thi Thu Hien from Da Nang was awarded the achievement for highest total marks across academic and clinical terms. Well done Dr Hien!

Ms Tran Do Phuong Ngoc from Ho Chi Minh City was also awarded a commendation award for her excellent achievements across academic and clinical terms also, with the second highest marks of the class. Well done Ms Ngoc!

Sarah also encouraged everyone to celebrate the achievements of the previous speech therapy graduates from the TFA-UPNT first and second courses. Many of these graduates were involved in either lecturing, co-lecturing with TFA volunteer lectures, or in direct clinical supervision of the graduating students while on placement.
Although TFA directors were regrettably unable to attend the graduation ceremony, Sue Woodward, founding director, sent through a message on behalf of the TFA board, congratulating the graduating students, former graduates and UPNT staff on their success. She sent particular praise to the capacity that UPNT and former graduates have been able to achieve throughout the 2016-17 course, which they will build on for further success into the future.

UPNT opened a fourth speech therapy course at the end of the graduation program. Mr Quyen (first course speech therapy graduate) opened the UPNT second Paediatric Speech Therapy Course for 2017-18. With many new students of the 50+ enrolled students in attendance, they celebrated a new era of UPNT offering and coordinating this new course without direct TFA affiliation. TFA and UPNT Directors are proud of their history of collaboration and the successes they have achieved with supporting the graduation of 65 speech therapy graduates across three courses. TFA Board of Directors congratulated UPNT Board of Rectors on the opening of the fourth speech therapy course.

Congratulations to the 32 graduating speech therapists of the 2016-17 paediatric course! TFA look forward to continuing to work with each one of you through the implementation of the continuing professional development program, including the Skype mentoring program to be launched shortly.




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