Trinh Foundation Australia works to assist the Vietnamese people to establish Speech Therapy as a profession in their country. We collaborate with our Vietnamese partners to create ...


    You can volunteer for Trinh Foundation in a number of ways – and you don’t have to leave the country, if you don’t want to. We are always looking for volunteers, to travel to Vietnam ...


    TFA works in partnership with a number of educational and clinical institutions throughout Vietnam to deliver on our mission of bringing speech therapy to Vietnam ...

Our Volunteers

The work of TFA depends critically on all of our volunteers.Our volunteers come from all over Australia, and their passion, patience and enthusiasm are inspiring. They are committed to making a difference.

Over 60 Australian volunteer speech therapists have now visited Viet Nam to support TFA’s work there: teaching students, mentoring speech therapy graduates, coordinating projects and courses, and liaising closely with our Vietnamese partner organisations.

Some volunteers have travelled to Vietnam for just a short stint, while others have committed two or more years and coordinated courses. Our long-term volunteers have been supported by Australian Volunteers International (LINK).

Our volunteers are also active here in Australia working to raise awareness and funding about our work.
All TFA directors are also volunteers.

Find out more about volunteering and getting involved here.

Thanks to our Many Volunteers

Volunteer Clinical Educators and Mentors

Cliona Angelino-Kearnes Jamaica Grantis Merran Peisker
Emily Armstrong Terese Hardy Margot Pogos
Bronwyn Bail Jane Hepenstall Polly Prior
Rose Beeching Sue Hombsch Lorna Quietsch
Alison Board Marlee Hudson Kathryn Ramsay
Georgina Bong Averil Ivey Alison Richards
Fiona Brown Patrick Jones Acacia Rogers
Elizabeth (Libby) Brownlie Kate Jorgensen Lyn Rule
Jenna Butterworth Chloe Justins Kim Sanders
Sue Cameron Molly Kallesen Sarita Slater
Janella Christie Martha Karagiannis Melanie Smart
Angela Cream Seth Koster Ben Smith
Jeanette Cowell Nadine Lawson Amanda Tabone
Nicholas Cummins Eva Lee Lynn Tan
Holly Daley Stephanie Lee Slew Kim Thien
Hayley Dell’Oro Alexis McMahon Lan Vy Tu
Louise Dobbie Carla Mangion Catherine Turland
Simone Dudley Jessica Marriott Hannah van Tuil
Amanda Dwyer Cathy Marson Erin West
Sandra Feduszczak Leonie Martin Dominique Weston
Bree-Anne French Tracy Mee Elizabeth (Liz) Weston
Leanna Fox Cara Jane Millar Katie Werner
Robert Frewin Laura O’Carrigan Maureen Wilson
Florence Gough Penny O’Connor Rebecca Wood
Kylie Gough Jamie Offord

Volunteer Lecturers

Marie Atherton Dr Diane Jacobs Damien Roberts
Louise Brown Sophie Kerr Christine Sheard
Elizabeth (Libby) Brownlie Leah Labrador Sarah Verdon
Paul Carding Professor Lindy McAllister Katie Walker-Smith
Janella Christie Professor Sharynne McLeod Joanne Walters
Dr Pamela Dodrill Felicity Megee Gwendalyn Webb
Simone Griffin Mandy Mui Ngo Dr Alison Winkworth
Judy Griffiths Ben Pham Gail Woodyatt
Dr Sally Hewat Alison Purcell


Abby Brown, Danielle Kennedy, Samantha Carr and Chloe Davis, Alison Board, Cathy Marson and Penny O’Connor, Kate Schweitzer, Liz Goodman, Norma Little, Wilma Vallis and Molly Meldrum, Rebecca Gillogly and Speech Pathology at UoN Student Group (SPUN), Merran Peisker & Terese Hardy, Emily Armstrong, Tatiana Kiefer, Lindy McAllister, Rebecca Amery, Chris Lyons, Margot Pogos, Christine Kessler, Merrilyn Kennedy, Lucy Hall, Hilary Chesworth, Patricia Evans, Staff from the Work Integrated Learning Team, Sydney University, Sarah Verdon.

AVI Volunteers

Marie Atherton, Janella Christie, Elizabeth (Libby) Brownlie, Simone Maffescioni, Philippa Greathead, Averil Ivey, Sarah Day




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

Graduate Stories

How Vietnam’s first 33 graduate speech therapists are helping the people who need them.

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