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Paediatric Speech Therapist Awarded a Scholarship

Congratulations to Lan Oanh on receiving a scholarship to complete her Master of Special Education Course at Flinders University in June 2020. She has recounted for us how this took place.

“By the offer of Australia Awards Scholarship, I will attend to the Master of Special Education Course at Flinders University in June 2020. My journey to apply for this scholarship is fascinating, it seems like a journey of discovering and understanding myself, time of friendship and colleague support.

It began in mid-April’s 2018, when I saw information about Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) from my teacher, Ms. Duong Phuong Hanh on her Facebook, but it’s just seemed like a moment recorded in my mind. I had not had any plan for applying until January 2019. I talked to Ms. Hang, my English teacher about my aspiration in my career path, and she encouraged me.

After nearly 2 years working as a pediatric speech therapist in Quang Nam, I wished that I can learn more to help children and families in my hometown and far areas as well. There is a serious lack of human resources in rehabilitation in those areas, particularly in special education services in Quang Nam. My work has been mostly focusing on early intervention, but I have many cases that really need special education such as children with hearing aids, ADHD and general learning difficulties. It made me confused because referring provincial children to continuous therapy in cities is completely difficult for families. That’s the reason why I choose to study Special Education to expand my knowledge and professional skills to contribute to the development of intervention for children in Quang Nam and other provinces.

When I finish the master course in Australia, I intend to cooperate with my colleagues and get support from my mentors and networks to apply multidisciplinary intervention approaches in Quang Nam for children with special needs. The knowledge and professional skills that I will gain from the master course can help to enhance my ability to work with children, cooperate with families and teachers, especially in discussing with the local government in policy and supporting projects.

I’m excited to know that the Bachelor of Speech Therapy Course started in September 2019 that can help to build human resources in this field for Vietnam and specifically in the centre of Vietnam where speech therapy is quite new.

I would like to give my sincere appreciation to my first mentor, Ms. Sarah, for all things she does, from the meeting before I came back to Quang Nam after graduation in 2017, many CPDs and wrote the referee for my application.

I would like to thank Ms Leah who gave me specific information about master courses in Australia that was useful for me.

Thanks also to Quyen and Y Sa (TFA interpreters) for staying beside me and motivating me in the time I prepared for the IELTS test.

I hope that my colleagues will be happy and have opportunities to achieve their career goals in the future.”

We wish her success with this and for the wonderful work she is currently doing as a Speech and Language Therapist for her hometown.

She recently caught up with Sarah, Leah and the Da Nang team for lunch as pictured.




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    Congratulations to Lan Oanh on receiving a scholarship to complete her Master of Special Education C...