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University of Newcastle students supporting TFA to develop training for local implementation of Vietnamese Language Screener (VLS)

Earlier this year in April, and more recently in June, students from the University of Newcastle Speech Pathology program completed clinical placements at local special education schools – Kianh Foundation and Hearing and Beyond, in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. The group of Speech Pathology fourth year students are all enrolled in an International stream, where they complete at least one block clinical placement at an international SP clinic. These students are also required to complete a project related to their placement. This group of students, including Leda Greenwood, Shiona Suzuki, Zoe Stimson, Jamie Freeman, Macushla Shilson-Josling and Emily Ogden also visited the Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy speech therapy department to discuss their project with Australian Volunteers Sarah Day and Leah Paice, and TFA volunteer Jessica De Balfo. The team of students and their clinical educators and university staff are working in collaboration with TFA to develop a user-training package for local Vietnamese speech therapists and other community, education or health care workers to effectively use the Vietnamese Language Screener (VLS), recently published and printed by Trinh Foundation Australia and also supported with funding from the Direct Aid Program (DAP) funding grant received from the Australian-HCMC Consulate General.

Trinh Foundation Australia donated a copy of the VLS to both Kianh Foundation and Hearing and Beyond for the UoN SP students to support the Vietnamese staff to use with pupils of each school. The students shared their reflections with TFA:

“The Vietnamese Language Screener is an effective tool that can be used with a wide variety of children. I enjoyed the straight-forward directions regarding administration and the score sheet was very helpful to calculate results”

“The Vietnamese Language Screener is an excellent tool to help identify at risk children of developing a language delay. I found the scoring and interpretation to be quick and effective”

Trinh Foundation Australia hope to gift a copy of the VLS to all TFA speech therapists in Vietnam who are working with children between 3-8years of age, thanks to donations received by TFA supporters and the DAP funding grant. TFA also hope to offer VLS user training to all speech therapists and community/education/health workers who will use the screener to assist them in identifying children at risk of language delay or disorder. TFA would like to thank the University of Newcastle international stream SP students and staff for supporting the development of the training package, and look forward to implementing this in Vietnam once the package is ready.





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