Trinh Foundation Australia works to assist the Vietnamese people to establish Speech Therapy as a profession in their country. We collaborate with our Vietnamese partners to create ...


    You can volunteer for Trinh Foundation in a number of ways – and you don’t have to leave the country, if you don’t want to. We are always looking for volunteers, to travel to Vietnam ...


    TFA works in partnership with a number of educational and clinical institutions throughout Vietnam to deliver on our mission of bringing speech therapy to Vietnam ...

Previous Volunteers

The work of TFA depends critically on all of our volunteers. Our volunteers come from all over Australia (plus internationally), and their passion, patience and enthusiasm are inspiring. They are committed to making a difference.
Over 60 Australian volunteer speech therapists have now visited Viet Nam to support TFA’s work there: teaching students, mentoring speech therapy graduates, coordinating projects and courses, and liaising closely with our Vietnamese partner organisations.
Some volunteers have travelled to Vietnam for just a short stint, while others have committed two or more years and coordinated courses. Our long-term volunteers have been supported by Australian Volunteers International.
Our volunteers are also active here in Australia working to raise awareness and funding about our work. All TFA directors are also volunteers.
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“I cannot speak more highly of the Trinh Foundation and their work in Vietnam. The five weeks I spent in Vietnam, working in Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Hanoi was the most rewarding experience of my life. I was supported by the Foundation throughout my travels, and was constantly in contact with a supervisor  who did everything in her power to make my trip go smoothly.

I felt so privileged to be able to pass on my clinical skills to the graduates. They were all so grateful and hospitable, and I was treated with a kindness that I will always remember and value. My trip was full of adventure, taking motorbikes to and from work and having time to explore all the cultural delights the cities had to offer in my spare time. I was able to learn some of the language and taste authentic foods from local restaurants. These experiences were completely unique, and by being immersed in the people and the culture I believe I was able to discover the real Vietnam. I felt like I had so much to offer, and I left each city feeling like my time had made a difference to the lives of the therapists, the teachers and the families of the clients.

I would strongly encourage every therapist to consider this opportunity. Your knowledge and skills are invaluable and will be essential to build the profession of Speech Pathology in Vietnam.”

Mentor Dominique Weston

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More quotes

“Making a difference in Vietnam has made an even bigger difference to my own life – I can’t believe it.”

“Volunteering in Vietnam for Trinh Foundation has really been the pinnacle of my 20+ years of professional life.”

“This has been the most personally and professionally rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

“A hard-working holiday that’s been the most fun ever, and the trip of a lifetime.”

“It was the most incredible opportunity and learning experience – for both the local speech therapists and myself.”

“It was an amazing privilege to help the children – frequently not a dry eye in the room. It was a powerful reminder about why I am speech pathologist.”

“Over 3 weeks, the speech therapy students I was working with developed skills in helping fussy eaters, following the child’s lead, using topic boards as AAC, and using key word sign – and did I mention this was all in Vietnamese?”

“The idea is that by supporting and supervising the graduates to do this work, we are building capacity in a sustainable way.”

“Trinh Foundation works with local graduates to implement evidence-based practice. Some of the best speechies in Australia are contributing to this project.”

“Although I have also been doing lots of one-to-one and small group work every day, I am really aware of the big picture of applying my profession and supporting its growth in a whole different world – particularly culturally. It is really stimulating and challenging at the same time.”




Our database contains the locations of over 33 speech therapists and clinics located in Vietnam.

Graduate Stories

How Vietnam’s first 33 graduate speech therapists are helping the people who need them.

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