January 26, 2021

Mentoring Program a Success

Mentoring Program a Success

The 2020 Beyond Border’s Mentoring Program finished in December.

Pandemic, floods and time differences did not get in the way of another successful year of mentoring. 5 mentors, 13 mentees and 5 interpreters took part in this year’s program and the program’s feedback was very positive.

Our mentors from Australia, the UK and US, reported once again enjoying connecting with Vietnam and its speech therapy profession.

A theme that continued to emerge through this year’s program was the competency and determination of Vietnamese speech therapists to develop their clinical and reasoning skills.

The program will recommence mid-2021. Mentors are matched to Vietnamese speech therapists with similar caseloads and areas of interests.

If you are interested email volunteers-tfa@trinhfoundation.org for more details.