October 20, 2022

Vietnamese Language Screener Training Package Finalised

Vietnamese Language Screener  Training Package Finalised

In response to the constant interest from speech therapy students to support the speech therapy profession in Vietnam, TFA has developed its Ambassador Program for soon-to-be speech therapists. This exciting volunteer program offers the opportunity to develop resources for Vietnamese Speech Therapy programs and participate in community and social networking and fundraising campaigns.

Eligibility for this role:

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate or Master’s degree in Speech Pathology
  • Excellent communication skills and confidence as a public speaker
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Reliable and professional demeanour
  • A personal and friendly manner
  • Flexibility to be called upon when needed
  • An ability to use your own initiative and to work unsupervised.

If this opportunity sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today volunteers-tfa@trinhfoundation.org

Dr Sarah Verdon and Dr Ben Pham have finalised the training package for the Vietnamese Language Screener (VLS).

The package is based on the work of a group of students from Newcastle University who undertook a clinical placement in Vietnam.

The package includes important information about developmental language disorders, accurate assessment using the VLS and instructions for how to score and interpret children’s language data.

The first training session was held with two MSALT students from Central Vietnam who are collecting normative data using the VLS as their Masters research project.

The training package will be rolled out in the future to interested speech therapists and others who use the test in Vietnam (such as special educators) in online and face to face training sessions.

This training will ensure that professionals are confident in their ability to administer, score and interpret the test and will also ensure that use of the test is consistent across Vietnam.