Volunteer With Us

Interested in volunteering? Then we’d love to hear from you.


Volunteers play an essential role at TFA providing their time and skills to help support the people of Vietnam to acquire speech therapy capacity.

If you’re interested in experiencing the rich and vibrant culture of Vietnam while providing assistance to speech therapy graduates, students, and other professionals then please fill out the expression of interest form below.

This will help us to understand your professional experience, area of specialty, and availability. Our friendly volunteer team will get back to you to discuss which options may suit you best. The volunteer program offers a wide range of opportunities spanning from 2 weeks to 2 years, as well as online mentoring.

If you’re a speech pathologist who is not based in Australia – we still want to hear from you!

Volunteer roles are wide-ranging, as a volunteer on a short (say 3-week) stint in Vietnam, speech pathologists like you could:

  • work with patients in your area of expertise, supervising and mentoring the Vietnamese speech therapy graduates in their workplaces;
  • contribute to the continuing professional development of the Vietnamese speech therapy graduates by presenting seminars, lectures, and clinical teaching in your area;
  • Work with teachers, carers, and other professionals to help children and adults with disabilities.

We have some amazing volunteering opportunities for speeches to travel to Vietnam offering continuing professional development to the speech therapy graduates.

Volunteer in Vietnam

There are opportunities throughout the year for experienced speech pathologists to travel to Vietnam to support the growth of the speech pathology profession. Volunteer roles include supervising students from Master’s and Bachelor’s courses, as well as teaching and course development roles.

Volunteer from Australia

You can get involved right now by volunteering your skills and time to help us keep everything happening and growing, right here in Australia.

We are a small foundation always looking for people to raise funds in creative ways, write content, manage IT, help coordinate projects around raising awareness, getting the word out, and generally keep it all happening. You can also provide support by taking part in online mentoring and ambassador programs.

Online Mentoring Programs

TFA looking for both experienced and new volunteers to get involved in a range of online mentoring programs. Have you ever wanted to volunteer with TFA but not been able to commit to a journey to Vietnam? If you think this might be for you then consider the following:

  • Do you have 3 years of clinical experience?

  • Can you volunteer 1-2 hours of time per month?

  • Do you enjoy mentoring less experienced speech pathologists?

  • Do you want to make a meaningful connection with a Vietnamese speech therapist?

Beyond Borders Program

The program involves grouping volunteer speech pathologists with therapists in Vietnam depending on topics of interest and expertise. Groups meet approximately monthly to work on professional development goals. The Beyond Borders Program runs annually from May- November.

Mentoring for Clinical Supervisors

TFA is also seeking experienced speech pathologists to support Vietnamese speech pathologists who are supporting a cohort of speech pathology students at their workplace. Programs run for 3-4 months throughout the year.

Young Ambassadors Program

The Young Ambassadors program has been created for those interested in volunteering for the Trinh Foundation, but have not yet completed their degree in speech therapy, or have less than 3 years of experience as a speech therapist. Rather than mentoring or coursework development, the Young Ambassadors program is designed to assist the Trinh Foundation by helping to raise awareness about our work, and to help create human interest stories that we can use to evidence grant applications, etc.

Once you express your interest and are approved by TFA to become a volunteer mentor you will be provided with a mentoring guide and toolkit to support you in your role.

If you are interested in any of the above programs, complete the Mentoring EOI form. From there, we can contact you to discuss which program is the best fit for you.

If you would like further information about this email