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The Multilingual-Multicultural Affairs Committee of the IALP has completed a series of answers to common questions about speech therapy services for multilingual populations.

These include:

The documents are also available on the IALP website.


A great new website is

This website is created as a product funded by ASHA for Professor Giang Pham at San Diego State University, USA. 

The main purpose is to provide online resources for SLPs working with the Vietnamese-speaking population worldwide. Any professional who wishes to use the assessment tools ffrom the website needs to register an account from the VietSLP website.

The three project objectives are:

  1. Provide foundational information on Vietnamese-English dual language learners.
  2. Provide free access to research-based Vietnamese assessment tools.
  3. Expand the availability of data on Vietnamese first language acquisition.


An excellent resource on communication and swallowing in children diagnosed with childhood brain tumours has been developed by the University of Sydney and approved by the NHMRC in 2020.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Communication and Swallowing in Children diagnosed with Childhood Brain Tumour or Leukemia and approved by the NHMRC.

This is also available in Vietnamese.


A Teacher/Advisor has advised us of the link below to a broader focus and discusses some very interesting opportunities for Speech Therapy practice. 

Speech Pathology 2.0: The Latest Technologies Transforming Speech Therapy