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Below are links to Vietnamese language treatment resources produced by graduate Vietnamese speech therapists.

These have been developed by the graduates for Vietnamese speech therapy. Resources are freely available for download.

They are distributed with a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY-NC) ( – Information can be freely distributed and any use or adaptations must credit Trinh Foundation Australia and be used for non-commercial purposes.

If you are a therapist working with Vietnamese speaking audiences please use these resources and let us know how they have worked for you, how you have adapted them and any other feedback.


(Oral hygiene & safe swallowing after stroke)

(Menu for People with Swallowing Difficulties)

(Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Strategies in the Classroom (12 mb PDF))

(Language and Daily Routine)

Patient Handouts (Strategies for Language Development in Children)

The Paediatric Special Interest Group for Speech Therapists in Vietnam created these patient handouts that include strategies to facilitate language development in children.

They intended them to be given to families of children with language delay or disorder in coordination with needs-based assessment and intervention specific to the needs of the child.

Not all strategies may be relevant for every child with language delay/disorder. (These are in Vietnamese only).


1. Sit on the floor – 1 NGOI TREN SAN

2. Do it again – 2 LAM LAI LAN NUA…VA LAN NU

3. Let him be the boss – 3 De con ban lam xep

4. Talk simply – 4 Noi chuyen don gian

5. Teach don’t test – 5 Hay day. Dung kiem tra

6. My turn your turn – 6 Toi luot me bo – Toi luot con

7. Don’t bug me with questions – 7 Dung lam con buc voi nhung cau hoi

8. Copy your child – 8 Bat chuoc tre

9. Play like a child – 9 CHƠI ĐÙA NHƯ MỘT ĐƯA TRE

10. Say what happens – 10 NOI VE DIEU DANG XAY RA

11. Give her time – 11 DÀNH THỜI GIAN CHO CON BẠN

12. Make time for play – 12 DANH THOI GIAN DE CHOI


Fact sheets

Developed by University of Newcastle students, with help from Vietnamese speech pathologists.

English and Vietnamese versions


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (PDF)

Giao tiếp Tăng cường và Thay thế (AAC) (PDF)

Communication Impairment (PDF)

Khiếm khuyết Giao tiếp ở Việt Nam (PDF)

Downs Syndrome (PDF)

Hội chứng Down (PDF)

Stuttering (PDF)

Noi lắp (PDF)

Voice (PDF)

Giọng và Các Rối loạn Giọng (PDF)



Developed by University of Newcastle students, with help from speech therapy team at Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy.

Warning Signs for Early Childhood Development – ECDWS Brochure-English

Các dấu hiệu cảnh báo trong Sự phát triển của Trẻ Giai đoạn – ECDWS Brochure-Vietnamese

English and Vietnamese versions of Strategies to Assist your Child with Communication Development

Pamphlet- 18months – Pamphlet- 18 months_ENG

Pamphlet- 3 years Pamphlet-3-years_ENG.docx

Pamphlet -6 years Pamphlet-6-years_ENG

Journal articles translated to Vietnamese

Translated from the Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech Language Pathology, Vol 18, issue 3, 2016. With the permission of Speech Pathology Association of Australia

1. Sự khởi đầu cho các hợp tác nghiên cứu v i sự tham gia của những chuyên viên Âm ngữ trị liệu đầu tiên của Việt Nam.

2. Những lợi ích về mặt chuyên môn và về mặt cá nhân của việc tình nguyện: Các góc nhìn từ các giám sát viên lâm sàng đối với học viên chuyên ngành Âm ngữ trị liệu Việt Nam tại Việt Nam.


4.Translated from the Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, Vol 62, issue 5, 2019. With the permission of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

5.This is a translation of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Speech, Language and Hearing on 04 April 2019, available online:

Ethics and Ethical Practice in Speech Therapy

The video and workbook on this page are designed for use by speech and language therapists and other professionals working to support people with communication swallowing in Cambodia, Ghana and Vietnam.


Journal Article

Stakeholder Perspectives Following Implementation of Vietnam's First Speech and Language Pathology Degree: Reccomendations for Future Curriculum Development

The article is a useful reference source for policy planners, experts, lecturers, sponsors and partners, organizations, individuals interested in developing Language Therapy specialty in Vietnam as well as in other countries similar developing conditions in the world.

Research done with funding from MCNV, USAID through VietHealth, with the contribution of expertise from specialists from Australia.