May 06, 2021

Tele-supervision for MSALT students in Vietnam

Tele-supervision for MSALT students in Vietnam

The continued closure of international borders means that international speech and language therapists (SLTs) still cannot travel to Vietnam to supervise students in the master and bachelor degrees in Vietnam.

Under the leadership of TFA Director Dr Marie Atherton and Volunteer Coordinator Carla Mira we have developed a tele-supervision model, which we will pilot in May 2021 with the support of our partners MCNV, children’s hospitals and clinics and their local Vietnamese SLTs, and master students undertaking their final paediatric placement.

Students will receive up to 4 hours per day of tele-supervision each day for their 4 week placement from an international SLT, together with supervision provided by the local Vietnamese SLTs.

We are very grateful to the international SLTs who have embarked on this journey with us: Natalia Henderson-Faranda, Karina Sandweg and Sharon Broadmore, who will be supported by our tele-supervision project coordinator Esther Hoh (see photograph).

As it happens, all four are based in New Zealand.

If feedback about this pilot is positive, we hope to use it in future placements in the master and bachelor degrees in Vietnam and will be seeking more people to take on this tele-supervision role.